Starting the home buying process begins with determining the goals of the buyer; reviewing brokerage and loan-preapproval services; and searching for the right home to fit your needs. Once a home is selected and an offer is presented to the sellers from a potential buyer, the following information will provide a step-by-step process detailing how to close the deal.


  1. Choose a Realtor® to represent you
  2. Receive information about brokerage services and the Buyer’s Representation Agreement
  3. Apply for a loan pre-approval
  4. Proactive home search by the Anew Real Estate Group
  5. View available properties through showings
  6. Present home offer to Sellers from Buyer
  7. Negotiate terms of offer
  8. Final acceptance of the offer
  9. Association documents exchanged – if applicable
  10. Home inspection conducted
  11. Negotiate repairs
  12. Amendment to repairs negotiation
  13. Home inspection period expires
  14. Perform a final walk-through of the home


  1. The buyer’s mortgage company orders an appraisal on the home for sale and sends loan to underwriting
  2. Buyer’s loan is approved
  3. The title company orders a survey of the home and searches for a title
  4. Buyer arranges for utilities transfer and insurance binder
  5. Mortgage company delivers final loan documents to title company
  6. Title company prepares closing disclosure
  7. Buyers bring cashier’s check to closing meeting


Complete the closing details and home is sold. Welcome to home ownership!

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