Good Afternoon, I Matt Johnson with the Anew real Estate Group at Keller Williams Premier Realty, and this is your Woodbury Weekly Update for May 20th, 2019. Today we’re going to talk about some of the numbers regarding real estate in Woodbury and then a couple of events happening around town. First numbers, listings were up 6% last week to 334 homes currently for sale in Woodbury while the pending number increased half that, only 3% to 221 homes currently under contract. We listed 65 new homes for sale and pended 39. That’s a list to sale ratio of 60 percent over the last week. Now I want to get off a little bit here on a tangent regarding the list to sale ratio. You know, I’ve talked many many times about how being at or above 70% is a very strong number in a what’s called sellers market. Well last year at this time, our average leading up until May 21st was just 65.4%. Our average this year leading up to may 1st is 66.1. So, we’re actually doing a little bit better this year even though we have 52 more homes for sale right now than we did a year ago. Next, a couple of events. On Tuesday evening the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce has the Business After Hours event at Third Act Craft Brewing down by the HealthEast Sports Complex. Looking forward to seeing my chamber friends there and on Wednesday morning the Lions Club will be doing a vision screening with our Kidsight program over at the Kinder Berry Hill located on Woodbury Drive. Last but not least, It’s a holiday weekend! Get out with your family and enjoy it. Enjoy the Memorial Day, I’ll be going to the twins game Friday night myself and then try to take it a little easy this weekend. If you have any questions about what’s going on around town or what homes are worth in your neck of the woods feel free to give me a call. Again, I am Matt Johnson from Keller Williams at 651-775-7515. Thank you and make it a great day!