Hi I’m Matt Johnson with the Anew Real Estate Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty and this is your Twin Cities market update for September of 2018. The median sale price in the Twin Cities climbed 6.7% over last year to $269,000, while the average dollars per square foot increased 6.7% percent to 143 that’s down just one dollar off last month. Typically June and July are highest months for median sale price and dollars per square foot. Next to the inventory. New listings are up 7.4% over last year, with 7,803 homes hitting the market, while the homes for sale are down almost 10% and that’s only 11,969 units currently for sale in the Twin Cities market. Less than we saw throughout the whole year just two years ago in 2016. Also, I want to talk about close sales, close sales slipped again from last month down 4.2%, so the number of closings is less that’s been a trend over the last four months, specifically I have attributed that to lack of inventory to builders not building homes less than 400,000. The affordability index, creeping up with the rise and interest rates is causing a lot of buyers to maybe start to be priced out of the market. Now Let’s step back, I don’t wanna be too aggressive with when I say that but we’re seeing the number of showings continue to be very strong between 150,000 and 300,000 dollars. Those are starter price points, remember those millennials they’re all getting married and buying homes now and that’s where they’re starting their home ownership at. If you have any questions about your home or what things are selling for in your neighborhood feel free to give me a call again. I’m Matt Johnson, with Keller Williams Premier Realty the number, is 651-775-7515. Thanks!