Good afternoon I’m Matt Johnson with the Anew Real Estate Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty and this is your weekly update for Tuesday September 4th 2018. Today we’re gonna hit some of the numbers of real estate and then a couple of events around town. First numbers active homes up just one unit to 335 homes for sale. While, pending decline sharply with the month of August 10 percent only 180 homes now under contract, pretty typical at the end of the month new listings. There are 34 homes that hit the market last week and 30 homes marked pending that’s a list to sale ratio of 88.2% very strong number for the fall. Back to school at 833 here’s, a picture of me and the kids just getting off to school. This morning, Baker who is gonna turn seven in October, is now in first grade and Avery who’s nine is going into the fourth grade, both at Middleton Elementary school. Coming up for the chamber on Thursday morning, we got good morning Woodbury over the office centers of Woodbury that starts at 7:30 over at 2042 woodland drive that’s good morning Woodbury for the chamber and then I wanna give you a little heads up, not this week but next week on Friday we’re having our first annual Woodbury area chamber of Commerce, kickball tournament at Colby Lake Park in Woodbury the games are gonna start about 10 AM and it’s gonna be a great day. We’re looking forward to hopefully, some sunshine and a wonderful couple of sponsors, including the Holiday Super station store over at the seasons market. There and of course my friends from fractional toys so, if you have any questions about what’s going on around town or what your home might be worth feel free to give me a call my number is 651-775-7515 we’ll see you around town.