Hey what’s up Woodbury, Matt Johnson here from the Anew Real Estate Group at Keller Williams and today we’re celebrating the ribbon cutting for a new business location here in Woodbury with the Fraser clinic. Today, I’m with Bethany Krepela who’s gonna tell us a little bit about Fraser and what they do, Bethany, sure, hi, Fraser is Minnesota’s oldest and most experienced provider of autism services. We also serve children with mental health needs. We also have a full array ofservices for people of all ages, with special needs, but right now, this clinic here in Woodbury will really help with young children to diagnose them and get them the treatment they need to lead bright, happy lives. This is our seventh clinic. We, are just very excited to be finally in the East metro. It’s a beautiful facility, we’re located here at 721 Commerce drive and that’s up in Commerce Hill behind the new super Target, well the 8 year old super Target and just down the street from Dorothy Ann Bakery, everybody knows where that is. Anyway to find out about Fraser online or if people would like to find more information? Absolutely. We would love you to visit our Web site which is www.fraser.org and, fraser.org thanks! Awesome, thanks for having us out, Bethany. Thank you for coming. 1..2..3.. cut the ribbon!