Good Afternoon, I’m Matt Johnson with the Anew Real Estate Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty and this is your Woodbury Weekly Update for June 11th 2018. Today we’re gonna talk about the numbers of real estate and then a few happenings around town but first the numbers. Listing inventory dropped 4% over the last 7 days to 275 homes for sale that’s about 25 less than the same time last year, while pending homes jumped 14% last week to 254 units up and a bit down from last year, like I’ve talked about in the past, which is in my opinion due to a decrease or lack of inventory for the buyers out there. I wanna let you know that we have 50 new listings hit the market and 62 homes sold. That’s a list to sale ratio of a 124%, meaning for every 50 homes listed 12 more than that sold, which is pretty crazy this time of year, usually we see more listings. I’d also like to share with you some information about showing activity. Right now we’re seeing the highest amount of showing activity in Woodbury at the $300,000 to $350,000 price range over 1,700 showings at that price point in just the last 90 days. About 15 percent of the market is there and then just below that price point the 250,000 to 300,000 is very busy, as well, a lot of showing activity. If you have a home that might be considered a starter home or even a town home in Woodbury and you’re wondering what it’s worth, please give us a call. Next, we have the upcoming Woodbury Lions Club induction ceremony on Tuesday evening and that’s gonna take place over at the Crave restaurant that’s a members only event, if you’re interested in learning more about the lions club and all the wonderful things we do in the community. Let me know I’d be happy to invite you to our next club meeting. On Wednesday evening I’m going to be volunteering along with some more of my Keller Williams associates at the Miracle League field that’s the field located just to the West of East Ridge high school there that’s built for special needs children with the rubber surface and we will be playing kickball this time. Last year we played softball that’s a lot of fun, that event. And then on Thursday evening, is the kickoff of the Starlight Cinema of which I’m a Red carpet sponsor and I want to invite you to come out and see Moana. In fact, Moana herself is gonna be there, make sure you have the kids prepared for that. It’s gonna be a great event the festivities begin over at the Ojibway Park at 7 PM and the movie will begin right around 9 or dusk. If you have any questions about what’s going on around town or are curious what your home is worth, feel free to give us a call. Again, I’m Matt Johnson from Keller Williams, we’ll see you around town, thanks.