Good afternoon, I’m Matt Johnson with the Anew Real Estate Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty and this is your Twin Cities Monthly Update for June of 2018. First the numbers of real estate. I want to tell you about new listings. New listings were up for the first time in a long time, in fact, they were up 2.9% to 9,161 homes. And that’s the most we’ve seen listed since April of 2010, some of us can remember those days, when a lot of listings were hitting the market. Next, the homes for sale dropped astronomically, 19.1% to only 10,232 homes for sale. That’s a very low number this time of the year. That’s pushing up the median sale price approximately 8.4% to 271,000 dollars. And the dollars per square foot tops the all time high of 142 dollars, the previous high was 141 dollars in June of 2006. Typically we see our highest median sale price, our highest dollars per square foot, and our highest volumes of homes sold during June. The month of June is a very hot month for real estate, a lot of closings taking place. Now I want to tell you about the dollar volume. Now this graph- this graph excites me, alright. We’re talking about the total dollar volume of homes moving through the market. This is a compilation of two very important numbers: the number of units sold and the average or median sale price going up, so, not only are we selling more homes but we’re selling homes for higher prices, means we’re having a higher dollar volume of homes. Now the sad thing is, May was the first time we stepped back in a long time in terms of the volume and I equate that not because there’s less buyers in the market but there’s less homes available for those buyers to pick up. In fact, in May of 2018, we saw 1.76 billion dollars of homes sold, down from 1.88 billion in May of 2017. Pretty crazy stuff there. Now June of 2017, again I told you that was the highest month, we had 2.33 billion dollars home sold. That’s quite a bit of volume or money moving through the marketplace. Now if you’re curious what your home is worth, probably not 2.3 billion, but I’d love to tell you, just give us a call. Again, I’m Matt Johnson from Keller Williams. The number is 651-775-7515. Thanks!